mFLOR is a specialist and market leader when it comes to LVT design floors. Thanks to the unique, true-to-nature designs and innovative, in-house production method, our LVT floors are virtually indistinguishable from real wood or natural stone.

Natural Touch!

We use a special method called ‘In Register Embossing’ when producing our Authentic ranges. This is also known as Natural Touch. With this method, the surface structure follows the design, which makes the LVT floors look and feel exactly like the natural wood product.

At mFLOR, we attach a great deal of importance to designs that stay true to nature. In nature, no two trees are the same and every type of stone is unique. For that reason, we use state-of-the-art printing techniques when producing our floors, which means that every single strip or tile looks different. And that is important to us.

Quality floors from every angle

At mFLOR we not only aim to produce the most beautiful floors; we also ensure sustainability and safety. We always ensure the highest quality possible and the composition of the product is at least equally as important. For that reason, we only use raw materials and auxiliary substances with low emissions at mFLOR. This enables us to minimise our impact on air quality. We also only use the purest PVC for our floors. This not only makes it clear which raw materials are being processed in our products, but also gives the floors complete dimensional stability.